Monday, July 18, 2011

Spring cleaning for the fall?

                                                                    I love change!
 Maybe a little too much {as my husband would say}. When you change little things in your life {house, diet, wardrobe, makeup, hair, exercise...} its like a fresh start. It's new & exciting, and what could be better than that!? 

Our house right now could best be described as "Coffee house". Lots of reds, browns, greens, cherry wood, black wood, some blue accents. I love the color scheme, but lately have been itching for a change. The picture above is really where I'm going with this whole idea. I love the yellow/ white/ green color scheme. It feels so clean, and fresh. I of course would have to opt for another couch color since white + Baby isn't always the best combination. My favorite part is the book case and drapery... that alone could get me to sell my stuff on ebay... {ASAP!} 


  1. Oh I love that crisp, clean color scheme - it's like it pulls the sunshine into the room! :o)