Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crayon Project from Pinterest!

I recently discovered a website called Pinterest... anyone heard of it? I am OBSESSED!! I did this little art project off there and wanted to share! It was super easy.. cheap... and cute! 

Start with a blank canvas...

Hot glue Crayons symmetrically across the top of the canvas. Double up on the colors you want to see more of in your final project... 

My crayons :) 

 Tape the edges of the canvas with blue painters tape to avoid splashing on the sides. Tilt the canvas slightly back and aim the blow dryer (on highest heat) downward onto the crayons. 

The longer you hold the blow dryer in one spot the farther the wax will drip... 

TA-DA!! Custom art work for my daughters playroom! The best part? It only cost me $6.40!


  1. Girlfriend!!???? Where are the posts????

    Miss you! xo M

  2. I KNOW! I totally abandoned it! I'm coming back I promise!! haha!!