Sunday, August 7, 2011

End of week 1... Paleo challenge and a little LuLu

   Ok... Daily blogging is a little exhausting... so I think I will just update once a week about this Paleo challenge. I started tuesday and tomorrow will make the end of week #1. So far I am down 4lbs... which is a HUGE accomplishment for me!
   We had a baby shower this weekend and it took every last ounce of my will power to not devour the rice crispy treats... chocolate cupcakes... or chocolate ghramcrakers with chocolate chip frosting (are you kidding me!? Dream come true.) I am really proud of myself for staying strong!
   I already feel like I have more energy through the day, and I haven't felt fatigued at all. I still use my chocolate almond milk as a crutch... hopefully I can kick the addiction soon. HAHA! However, I have moved up a little and am now having fruit as a dessert. (who thought THAT would EVER be satisfying... but you know what? It IS!)
   Look out 30 day challenge... i'm taking you on!

OK now about LuLu! Everyone keeps telling me she is a toddler.. I refuse to acknowledge that since she is still my little baby!
We went to Bucks Lake the last weekend in July, secretly keeping our fingers crossed that she may like the lake more than the ocean. We started with no luck... but by the second day she started to get a little more adventurous. She loved throwing little rocks into the lake, and even getting her toes wet! We are making big strides here people! :) 

We bring this portable high chair with us EVERYWHERE. It's so awesome because it attaches to any chair and the tray comes off and it becomes a booster seat. (who can beat it for $10!?) She is getting SO big that the tray is too low now, and I am finding I use it more for a booster seat than a high chair. (Wahhhhhahahahahhhhhh *tear*)

Her new favorite thing (15mos old) is to eat a banana "all by myself". She gets so excited when I show her a banana, and loves to gobble the entire thing down as quickly as possible. I now have to break it in half so she doesn't eat it so fast! haha! 

She loves her little buddies, and gives ALL little kids hugs. It's the cutest thing ever and melts my heart to see my baby being such a sweet little girl. 

We still have "Bun-Bun" as a front runner for all naps. She would take him everywhere if she could. I guess it's better than a blanket since it's too small to drag on the ground. Her auntie S just found her a "PINK Bun-Bun" so we are now trying to get her to use both in case (God forbid) we ever lose the real Bun Bun. 
I think thats a pretty good update... for now! :) 



  1. I'm so behind on your blog!!! I'm beyond intrigued by the Paleo "lifestyle", I had to get back on the diet wagon - turns out NOT having a wedding dress to fit into is not good for me (or my bod.) Sad. And can we talk about the fact that your daughter is TALKING???!!!!!!! When did that happen???? Is she actually saying "all by myself" or am I completely having a Melissa moment?? So confused - please clarify. Love you miss you - M

  2. PS I'm pretty sure I've read all but 3 of the books on your "bookshelf"!! How F*** up was the 19th wife??!! So good!!!

    xo M

  3. OMG am I allowed to F*** on your blog???